Princess Topaz is 2st Magical on the taem
Magical Girl Corss angels 2 GIMP

she is very smart and nice

Magical Girl Princess Topaz/Diane Kenney
Name Diane Kenney
Season MGCA
Age 15
Hair Color Red Orange(as Diane)Orange with light orange (as Magical Girl Princess topaz )

Gray(as Diane)Light Gray(as Magical Girl Princess Topaz)

Magical Girl Name Magical Girl Princess Topaz
Race Human(reborn from Angel Princess topaz)


Mother: deceased

Father: Ray

Sister: Crystal marie

Garndma: Sueana


She is very Nice and she is smart


She was born in to a family that is so nice to others

her mother pass away when she was younger


She was princess Topaz ot the  souther part of Cheniso a beautiful souther plans

her place  is a orange and brown jude.

Past love liftEdit

She was the Lover of Prince Raphael  of Cheniso.


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