Deanna Kat Baker is the 3th girl in
Magical Girl Corss angel 3 GIMP

the group.

Magical Girl Princess Sapphire/Deanna Baker
Name Deanna Kat Baker
Season MGCA
Age 15
Hair Color Gold yellow(as Deanna)Aque green with light Aque Green and Dark Aqua Green (as Magical Girl Princess Sapphire )
Eye Color Blue (as Deanna)Light Blue( magical Girl Parincess Sapphire)
Magical Girl Name Magical Girl Princess Sapphire
Race Human(reborn from Angel Princess Sapphire)



Mother: Carlon

Sister: Crystal

Sister: Carmel



She is a fighter and her personality is like a boss

she does not like skrits

she is a tomboy.


she had lift alot of school

over the years


She was  Princess Sapphire of Notherwast Kenshi she lived is a Blue and Light blue palace

The Past LoverEdit

She was Past Lover of Prince Gabriel  of Kenshi

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