Princess Diamond is the first

Magical Girl  that is reborn

in the humen world

Magical Girl Corss angels Gimp
Annamarie / Magical Girl Princess Diamond
Name Annamarie Tury
Season MGCA
Age 15
Hair Color black( as Anna),Pink(as Princess Diamond)
Eye color Brown(as Anna),Light Pink(as Princess Diamond)
Magical Girl Name Magical Girl Princess Diamond
Race Human(rebore from Angel Princess Diamond)
Relaships Darlene(stepmother), Robert( father,deceased),

Cerlo(grandma), Robert Jr,Albert, Kennith(borthers),Lisa(mother),Tiffany,Trinity(sisters), Saint Michael(Past lover),Luis(carsh),jaiver(new Carsh)

Voice Annamarie 


She is Cherrful and kind and same what shy

and is always there for her firends

Past LifeEdit

She was the princess of the northen part of Mechien.
Princess Diamond 2

Anna's Past life

Love at frist sightEdit

The frist time she seen the prince of the captlen of Mechien

She when to the young Prince  to meet him the two talk

Love TriagleEdit

Love triagle with her and Prince Michael and his brother



Diane(princess Topaz) She goes to the same school as Anna does there in the same Class.

Deanna( Princess Sapphair) She also goes  to the same school as Diane and Anna

Elsa(Princess Garnet)  She goes to a parvite School for very Smart girls

Maria( Princess Ruby ) She goes to a all girls School

Michael Knight    He is the handsame angel that will help them out

Luis Melede(General Luisin' )  'is Anna carsh she Like alot by shy to tell him .

Sueane Buke   She is One of Anna bast Friends in school one of anna's Classmates.

Javier Melede  like to peck on anna alot

Lela Stouer Is Anna's Childhood Friend and one of the students in anna's school.


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