Saint Michael is one of the Archangel
Saint Michael

that helpes the Magical girls

Saint Michael
Name Michael Knight
Age 18(180000)
Birthday December 14
Birthstone Lapis Lazuli
Zodice Sagittarius
Past Lover Princess Daimond
Power Color Blue( Sapphire Blue)


Michael is a nice ,sweet and  kind  man he is so

nice to other 

Past LifeEdit

He is the prince of the capitle of Mechien

Lovers of MechienEdit

It was a lovely night at the Capitle of Mechien and the dance for the hope love ball it

was love at first sight when he seen the princess of the northen Mechien


He is the oldes out of him and his Brother  Lucifer

and the one to be King of Mechien capitle and the Right hand of  god.

War with his bortherEdit

His Borther Lucifer didn't like that his borther was on the right hand of  god

and so Lucifer started the war with the Angels and the Falling Angels

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